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 Date : 2020-02-12

English for International Communication major organized a seminar for preparing before the internship.
Wednesday 3 February 2020 / Activity News

              On 28 January 2020, the 3rd year English for International Communication students, Faculty of Business Administration and Liberal Arts RMUTL Organize a seminar on "Effective Communication in an Intercultural Workplace" by being honored by Dr. Art Seeha-Umpai, a qualified lecturer who explain and shares his experience working abroad for the said seminar, it is a preparation for students before the actual internship in the establishment at the Buarawong... >> Read more

RMUTL gave out over 3,000 masks to protect personnel and students from PM 2.5 dust and to reduce the risk of viruses.
Wednesday 3 February 2020 / Activity News

         On January 29, 2020, Assoc. Prof. Seensiri Sa-ngajit, acting for president of RMUTL assigned to Assoc. Prof. Somchat Hanwongsa, vice president for special affairs, gave mask out over 3,000 lecturer, staff, and students of the university in order to prevent dust and reduce the risk of virus outbreak and new virus Corona  2019, with the support from Innovative Instruments Company Limited, Innovative R&D Company Limited and Glows and Supply Hosting Company Limited. ... >> Read more

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